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What is Clinical Hypnosis ?

Clinical hypnosis is a treatment for many medical issues, such as pain management and many of the services offered on this web site. The treatment requires the sub conscious to agree with the desired conscious changes that are to take place. Results are usually seen within 1 hour. This is a medical treatment and is often confused with stage hypnosis that appears in many entertainment venues and tv.

Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of where the mind is more receptive to ideas it wants to be receptive to only.

Can you get people to do anything?
No, a person can not be made to do something that they would not be comfortable doing. Treatments require the sub-conscious mind to agree with decisions made by the conscious to be healthier. The sub-conscious is responsible for (80% of the Mind in charge of all emotions and functions of th body such as breathing) and the conscious mind (20% of the mind in charge of logic and all decisions).

Is Hypnosis dangerous?
No, Almost everyone 100% of the human race enters a hypnotic state on a daily basis (an example of a hypnotic state is the time between sleeping and being fully awake and conscious), All clients will have to disclose are any health issues that they are facing and any medication they are being prescribed, so treatments are customised for the better health.

Will I stay stuck in this state
No it is impossible, the only thing that can happen is that you fall asleep which you awaken from everyday and the therapist will awaken you also if necessary.

Can anyone be treated?
Yes & No and we will talk about any medical conditions immediately to make sure the treatment wanted will be best way forward. Our network of holistic treatments ranges from NLP, CBT, Counselling, Reiky treatments through to meditation.

Are results guaranteed?
Hypnosis is all about communicating with the sub-conscious, it is entitely up to a person's unconscious to descide how to move forward after the treatment is done. However, so far changes of some kind have been made with all patients e.g. drinking more water


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